MERIDIANI aims to enhance the consumption of tea and other infusions, through the careful selection of the most original and highest-quality blends. But also and above all, promoting an intimate and slow consumption, in this way enhancing the pleasure of the break. The packaging, impactful and rich in colour, has nothing to do with the traditional references to the colonial world. Instead, it aims to offer real emotional stimuli which tend to bring the consumer closer to a product which is considered culturally distant.
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A confidential approach, combined with unusual and varied sales solutions as well as an assortment which ranges from tea, blends of herbs and fruit, coffee, barley and flavoured sugars to complement them with a rich line of accessories. Everything inside a shop can create an oasis of well-being for the enthusiast, but also and especially for those approaching this fantastic world for the first time. Our many years of experience will help you to select those which are most suitable for your shop and will provide you with all the information you need to guide your customers towards the pleasure of the infusions.
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