About us

Gilberto and Davide Polito. Brothers. Two tea leaves who come from the same plant, our family of course, in which there is a very strong bond. Similar in appearance, but in reality characterised by nuances and by profoundly different essences. One meditative and mild, like the infusion of a precious Japanese green tea, the other impulsive and decisive, like a cup of Indian black tea. Water is the element which harmonises the contrasts in the tea and enhances the different notes through the infusion. Likewise, our common passion for those precious leaves which come from so far away has encouraged our journey in search of unique tastes and new trends.
Since 1996 we have been making discoveries almost every day which, in some cases, increase our differences. But most of the time the discovery of extraordinary flavours, imbued with wonderful aromas and legendary stories, has moved us so much that we are in agreement. And it is this emotion, combined with the dedication and enthusiasm that we and our collaborators put into selecting and offering the most exclusive and sought-after blends, that we want to share with all the most daring travellers who are passionate about taste.