The pleasure of the break is what matters most to us.

For this reason, we put all our effort into researching products which can give unforgettable experiences of taste. Black, green and white teas from the most exclusive gardens which we offer pure or combined with flowers or precious essences. Blends of fruit and herbs embellished with extraordinary ingredients, such as moringa or guava, little known in our latitudes, but pervaded with flavours from far away full of incredible properties.
meridiani prodotti
We want the consumer to get the maximum pleasure from the break, for which we present our combinations, both loose and in practical biodegradable bags in which we use leaves and pieces of fruit which are not produced in powder form. For those who prefer to enjoy tea using its leaves, we offer a wide range of accessories ranging from cups to teasets, including colander infusers and tin containers which preserve freshness. In addition to tea, barley, coffee and flavoured sugars also complete our range of colonial products. Special fragrances of whiskey cream, ginseng or hazelnut will make coffee breaks unique. And to conclude, at a place we normally start from, an assortment of delicious fruit jams and a special range of honeys from all over the world which can enrich your breakfast.

The challenge of making the break exclusive is our mission.

We have created recipes with sugar and herbs or fruit to create exceptional distillations in the home. We are always sure to have new offers or selections to amaze you and to accompany you in your moments of relaxation.