There is an intimate and profound relationship which ties tea to humans. A simple cup of tea contains flavours and aromas which are able excite the emotions and satisfy the taste. It creates intense meditative moments in which you can get away from the noise of the world, or happy convivial occasions to spend with your loved ones. A pleasure which, sip after sip, increases the feeling of well-being. Our intention is to promote and enhance this relationship in facilities such as hotels, spas, restaurants, tearooms and cafeterias, where customer care and satisfaction are paramount.
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This is why we have created the ATLANTIDE line, not just a simple offer of traditional teas, but a careful selection of extraordinary blends with elegant accessories perfect for:
  • Offering unique taste experiences, through the combination of delicious and refined ingredients
  • Offering an exclusive service in which functionality, care and refinement, combined with selected designs and materials, enhance the quality of the products
  • Responding to the most diverse needs, articulating the offer in two varieties: as a loose product and in 3- or 4-gram transparent single-dose sachets which allow you to appreciate the quality of the ingredients used in whole pieces and not in powder form
  • Stimulating and satisfying customer curiosity through sales support such as menus
Our treasure, that of ATLANTIDE, made of experience, quality and attention to detail, is at your disposal. Get ready to turn a simple break into an unforgettable moment with us.
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